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Softbody, FEM or Vellum?

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Hey .Hipsters,

I'm quite new to houdini and at the moment I'm struggling a bit.
I have an animation of some Cells, which pop out of some pores. Now I'm not totally sure, how to start. My Cell-animation would come as an alembic.

1st: Is it possible to let the Cell push through the pore like some softbody and has some kind of target / end-state.

2nd: How to acchieve the pore-stuff. Vellum Softbody or FEM.

Would be cool, if somebody could help me out :)

greetz natnat

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Vellum totally screams, so I'd use that. I'm not sure what you mean by cells and pores, so I can't help you there.

You might want to attach your softbody to an anchor then animate your anchor through your pore. If it's something like a huge jello through a small window.

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