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Redshift Substance Shader

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I've made this to save time loading shaders from Substance Source, but should work for any substance material. Just select the parent folder of the texture you want.

Figured some others might find it useful too.

It has proper viewport handling of Base Colour, Roughness, Metallic, Normal, Emission and Displacement. Not 100% perfect, but pretty damn close.


Hdalc for now. Tried to upload to orbolt but kept getting an error (Invalid node type name). Don't think it likes redshift nodes. If anyone has any experience with this let me know!



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I haven't heard of that trick. I'll check it out though. Cheers.

Allegorithmic has said they'll be updating the substance integration for Houdini so hopefully this won't even be necessary soon. It would be great to be able to properly load procedural sbsar files directly.

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