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Justin K

Pyro Solver--keep column shape with wind? (SOLVED)

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Hey, besides gas curve or gas blur (the microsolver being used for the viscosity parameter), is there a way to keep a smoke sim column tightly compressed for a longer period than usual?  Basically I want to keep a smoke plume compact for a long period of time (tumultuous but not dissipating), even as it is being pushed by a wind force.  Im struggling to achieve this affect without the column being blown apart.  Viscosity keeps the column together, but also makes the plume move like a fluid :huh:.  Id like to keep the column compressed but also have a lot of turbulence within the column.  The result is achievable easily enough without wind--with wind it seems difficult....

Ive attached flipbook of what i have at the momvent--the column shape would be great if the smoke movement wasnt so contrived looking



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Hey--im reposting this here -- this video was extremely helpful in resolving my problem.   Thank you Andrew!!!



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