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Hey everyone,

So just started deadline for Houdini and I've managed to send my rop output to deadline for rendering but when I explore the output file path, it shows file does not exist.
However, when selecting the explore file path, it opens the correct pointed file directory where I want my caches & renders to be at.
It does work if I copy & paste the output file path 
I'm using $JOB for all my files since I'm working, rendering, caching off our servers.
Our IT guy have no clue on why it's behaving like this as well therefore would be best if anyone can guide me in setting up deadline?

Screenshots attached

H16.0.633 | Deadline



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Hey, Zino!

I think now I'm having the same issue as you. I submit job to deadline but render output files are missing when I try to use redshift.

No problems if I submit mantra or cache jobs to deadline.

Did you find a way to figure this out?

Will be glad if you share.

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