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Local Transforms via Referenced Parameter

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Working on a camera rig that emulates a real world crane rig.

I've created a null to act as a control panel to drive dolly in/out, panning, yaw, pitch, etc. The values on the control panel are driving parameters on other nulls via relative references like ch("../CAMERA_CONTROLS/baseTransX")

The rig itself consists of a chain of nulls parented in order, with the Houdini camera at the very bottom and the base null at the top.

Is there a way to direct the transform parameters to use the local space on the nulls via a relative reference? As it is, I can only get them to use world space. I need to be able to use the control node to get the rig into place, then when animating transform along the local axes as though on a track.

Baffled that I can't find anything in the docs on this (which could just be me smile.png).


Transform Issue.jpg

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