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[SOLVED] Foreach group each iteration

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I'm inputting a few groups into a "Foreach named primitive"-loop via the Name SOP, now I want each iteration of the loop to output as a group as well... But how to manage this? I want the old box0 group to be called boxmirrored0 after the loop, box1 to be boxmirror1 and so on (while being also mirrored), so I need to be able to put an attribute in the group name or something, like this -> 



Example file is attached. All help is greatly appreciated!!!





group output foreach.hipnc

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That is awesome! Thanks! I didn't know you could hook the metadata to the Mirror SOP, what does that do?


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In this particular case, nothing. It's just way to get a easier-to-write reference to the metadata node.

In other cases it enables you to compile a block of nodes. More information the video below. Compiling nodes is useful for performance reasons and to be able to use the Invoke SOP. Which is a bit of a more advanced workflow. The new material rbd tools in 17 use them, if you want to see some examples.


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