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Ragdoll simulation is rigid?

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Hey guys, having trouble getting a ragdoll simulation to work, I have everything set up working great except the collisions on my mesh. It looks fine in the preview, but then joints stick together and the feet fall off and stick to the floor.

Any ideas?



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For more bendy simulations:

Just try the same by adding more collision geometry per bone. I see you just have one bone for your spine that might need to increase to around 3-5 bones depending on how much bending you want the spine to have.

For the joints getting dismembered:

Firstly, I will suggest you make sure you have you scene file setup properly. For that i would recommend you to copy and paste nodes from the Test Simulation : Rag-doll which you get when you press tab inside your SOP level.

Secondly, If this still does not work with that try adding collision objects to all the bones between the end and the start of the hierarchy that you have selected to be rag-dolls.

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