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Empty space around the edges of PyroSim

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Hi guys, I had a problem while compositing my project.
For some reason, around my object, on PyroSim there is a transparent strip that does not look beautiful.


If I render each object separately, then I have this empty space (screenshot1 and screenshot3), if smoke + object in one mantra render, then everything is fine (screenshot2). But I need to have them separately for compositing.

screenshot1 screenshot2


Here are screenshots of my render settings (object - spacesip and PyroFx - smoke)

object_spaceship.png.9ce299cd0b96950f13355f31107aec3d.png pyrofx_smoke.png.9ddc3018475c1475e29250c16548ded2.png

I would be happy for any of your advice, I see that there are a lot of cool guys here who know the houdini like their 5 fingers :)

Please forgive me for my english

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