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Justin K

Field Force versus Gas Advect

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Can anyone explain the difference between these two approaches when applying velocity fields to a pyro sim?   


Example 1:

sop vector field piped into a field force after the pyro solver itself  

Example 2:

Same sop vector field imported into dops using a source volume dop.  

Volume is called force.  

This volume is called in a gas advect dop

--piped into the advect input of the pyro solver itself.   


Im having issues with method 2.  Overall I am trying to make a pyro sim narrower--and am using a custom velocity vector field to try and force the gas to stay more compressed, but I cant get convincing interaction with the divergence stage of the sim.  I had been trying the gas advect for a while, but now Im trying the example 1 approach. 

  I was curious as to whether or not the field force would work better because it is actually operating independent of the pyro solver with its nondivergent stage :huh:.  




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in volume source use vel as destination field and you no need advection.

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