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scaling pyro sims

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I have a question about large scale pyro sims,  for example: a volcano erupting 

Is it ever a good idea to simulate pyro at real scale (roughly the size of the volcano)? This would make my simulation much slower but would this be ideal in terms of accuracy in relation to how the smoke is moving/advected? Is it necessary for realism?

Should pyro sims be simulated a normal Houdini scale and the artist just play around with timescale and shape settings to achieve the look ?

When is it a good idea to scale up pyro sims to simulate?

I have a feeling I already answered my own question but I am just trying to get a good idea on best practices. 

Thank you

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Generally, I just scale down everything to a size that I know gives me the best results. Then I play with the timescale to get the correct motion. It seems like having a smoke container too small yields longer sim times. Also having the smoke sim too big seems to run out of gpu memory faster and I get opencl errors. For very small scale liquids, collisions never seem to work well so I have to scale everything up. Even if you have everything physically correct you would still need to tweak settings to match your reference. Hope this helps--

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