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Layered Destruction with Point Deform?

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Hi there, 

I am working on my final bullet destruction project for school and I was wondering if there was a way to constrain window glass, for example, to already cached pieces. I am trying to do layered destruction, where I first do the concrete layer then read those into a glass simulation where the glass is constrained to and collides with the concrete cache, and so on.  I was told it was possible to do this as follows:  "You can unpack pieces of your original sim near your windows and then use a Point Deform SOP to bind your packed window pieces to them! As usual, set them to i@active = 0 and i@animated = 1 until you're ready to have their own secondary simulation take them over. You can add all of your preliminary simulation in as a collider too in the same manner" 

The problem is I am not that familiar with the Point Deform SOP and don't know where to start with it. I have Googled around and haven't found much regarding this topic. I had previous experience with Thinking Particles and this method using cached layers was common. 

Thanks in advance for any insights. I have attached my hip file in case you want to take a look.




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Here is my attempt.

I am using a TransformPiecesSOP to transform the glass shards. Then using those transformed shards in a new dopnet.

Hope this helps.


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