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Access Point by Point Number

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Hi everyone!

I'm looking to access arbitrary point positions by point number. I was hoping to not have to iterate as I only want to access points 0,13,56 for example. Does anyone have any suggestions. I was thinking of just creating my own GA_Offset but I couldn't figure out how to create and edit one without using the helper functions like GA_FOR_ALL_PTOFF.

Thanks for the help!

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Something like:

const std::array<GA_Index,3> interesting_points = {0,13,56};
for (const auto & point_index: interesting_points) {
  assert(point_index < gdp->getNumPoints());
  GA_Offset point_offset = gdp->pointOffset(point_index);
  UT_Vector3 pos = gdp->getPos3(point_offset);
  // ... do something with pos

It doesn't have to be inside a loop ofc.

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