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Convert Mesh to fluid that stays the same size

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Hi everyone,

i got a question and can't figure a way out.

Imagine a bottle, and a mesh that perfectly fits into that bottle.

I want to convert the mesh into a flip fluid and when i turn on gravity i want it to be as big as before. So my bottle is filled.

The reason why i want that, is that I have a drop coming from above and falling into that bottle. When it collides with the fluid inside the bottle, I want a little splash and then the sim is done. 

How can i get a filled bottle that stays filled after I turn on the Sim.


Maybe someone got the same problem or a solution, but i can't get my head around it!


Thanks and Cheers!

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If the geoemtry fits perfectly, it should keep the volume almost perfectly. Could it be that there is something wrong with the collision geometry?


Maybe you can simulate it using a flat tank and after the simulation mesh the fluid as it's inside the bottle, of course if the bottle is not in movement but static. 

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