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pyro vortex going out of bounds

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I'm looking into a way of keeping my volume inside the vortex boundaries, at the moment when it spins it goes out, any idea? I was thinking about a torus shape volume around it with custom velocities to push it inside when it goes out, but maybe there are better solutions!



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Yeah, you need some velocity pushing the smoke inwards. If you don't angle the velocity inwards, it's just going to shoot outwards from the spin. If I were you, I'd set up another velocity field that just sucks the smoke inwards and get that looking good, then add an additional velocity force that adds the radial velocity, and add just enough that the smoke doesn't shoot out too far.

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Posted (edited)

You can add single Gas Field Wrangle into the velocity update plug and try something like this:

float minrad = 1;
float maxrad = 1.5;
float velmult = 1.0;

vector center = set(0,0,0);
vector dir = center-v@P;
float dist = length(dir);
float mult = fit(dist,minrad,maxrad,0,1)*velmult;

v@vel += normalize(dir)*mult;


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thanks for your reply

Joseph, I wonder if I can manipulate the existing velocity adding a bit of inward velocity rather than adding a custom field, I need to dig a bit more in how to customize data inside the pyro solver! anyway I think this is the easy way, although requires a lot of try and fail to get the right amount

Pavel, thanks for the vex code, will definitely try this as well

since I'm using that volume to move points, what I'm doing at the moment is doing the tornado at point level rather than volume, definitely easier to setup

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