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World Space Position?

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Hi everyone,

I've got a problem that has me stumped. In my setup, I'm flying with a camera through a volume that has its density modulated via a couple of noises in the mat context. But whatever I do, I'm unable to make the noises stick to their position, it seems like the P attribute from the globals node is always in camera space. I must be missing something obvious since a lengthy internet search didn't give me any meaningful results. I've attached my file, to observe the problem just render a frame and then jump to another frame, the camera will have moved but the noise pattern is in exactly the same place.

Thanks in advance


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Oh joy of joys, I found the solution, as usual, right after posting the question, and it is indeed rather obvious. A Transform (matrix) node (the one with the red icon) with its default settings does exactly what I need, i.e transforming the current space to object or world space and the noise stays in place.

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