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Dynamic relative reference

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I'm setting up a scene with a bunch of colors. As such I like to keep them in a Null node so theyre all in one place. 

In a geometry node I'm trying to apply that color with works fine with relative reference: (U3650 being the name of the color) 

This works great but I'd like to have the U3650 be changed based on a string attribute on a diffrent node. that way I can change it there without having to tediously go into rgb values and changing it by hand. I've tried the following: (the value in lable_1 being U3650)

However this doesn't seem to work. 
Could anyone help with getting this reference to work? 

This would allow me to animate the color per frame which allows for greater control in rendering varients of still images. 
I've attached a simple hip version of the problem. 



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changed ch("~") to the correct chs("~") Still doens't work however

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Hey man!

You have to use ' ' for the second chs.

and also ` ` to insert the chs



Let me know if it works

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Omg fantastic, I've been scratching my head for ages haha. 

Thanks for the help Morn66! 

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