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Hi peeps, I'm using the SOP solver DOP to change my geometry overtime from one sphere to multiple spheres, however, when the geometry changes to multiple spheres it's still behaving like just one object instead of individual spheres and I can't figure out why! Any help would be much appreciated and I've attached the troublesome scene file.

Also, I used the RBD Fracture object for this instead of the RBD packed, because I couldn't get the results out of the SOP solver to work with RBD packed object. I unpacked the geo in the SOP solver and repacked the output with the name attribute and it wouldn't work, so also, if anyone could shed some light on that as well it would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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@Ryan thanks for the response, this definitely helps. Hey, I've found out that I don't need the wrangle at the end that creates the name and id attributes because the bullet solver internally creates the id attribute and manages it, and the name attribute is already being uniquely created by the assembly SOP. So the real key node here is the attribute copy SOP which doesn't copy the previous name and id attributes so the solver can work with new ones and then copying all the other attributes to make the simulation run. Thanks much.

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