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Expressions in file names. Mantra output file

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Hey guys,

How can I change the path in mantra Output file

from: P:/projectname/shotname/fx/work/houdini/hip

to: V:/projectname/shotname/fx/geo

can`t figure out how to run strreplace twice.

this doesn`t work: `strreplace($HIP, P:, V:)` `strreplace($HIP, work/houdini/hip, geo)`


$HIP is P:/projectname/shotname/fx/work/houdini/hip


also + is to add to the path, how can i subtract from the path?






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Got it.

`strreplace(strreplace($HIP, work/houdini/hip, geo), P:, V:)`

 no backticks if you put expression function in to an expression function.

Still don`t get it properly. When to use any of those 3: `' "

ch('whatever') ch("whatever") works both in vex.

Where could I find proper info about those guys (`' ")?


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