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Procedural Spline generator from Houdini to Unreal

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Hi everyone!

I'm trying to create a Tool with Houdini Engine for Unreal Engine 4. I want to create a spline on which points I can place different meshes. For example: procedural loop shapes, twist shapes, banking etc. (like a rollercoaster).

Could anyone give me some advice on how to do it? Or send me a tutorial about it? 

My goal is to create a Tool that allows me to create multiple splines in Unreal and attach them to one another in order to create a single track. How can I set the Tool to combine each spline into a track every time in new "pice" is created and still be able to edit that single piece? I'd like to create a button that allows me to create new curves in Unreal ad a part of the Digital Asset and then edit those curves as described this? Do you think is possible or there's better way to accomplish this?

In Houdini I created a procedural curve(where I can set banking) and another curve(where I can set loop shapes) that it is attached to the last point of the first curve. But, I don't know how I can create this tool in Houdini to create this track in Unreal and continue to add new procedural curves after and blend them.

I have attached what I created in Houdini and imported into Unreal with Houdini Engine.



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Hi. I can't seem to get this working; I can't attach a BP (with spline component) to the HDA (with object merge node).
In Houdini, in my HDA, I have object merge node feeding into my graph. I dragged “Object 1” from the object merge into Type Properties. In Channels tab of the parameter now has “object_merge1/objpath1”. Apply,Accept. Save Node Type, Match Current Definition.
In Unreal, I select my imported HDA and Rebuild All Instances. I now have an input parameter that can be: Geometry Input, Asset Input, Curve Input, Landscape Input, World Outliner Input, Skeletal Mesh Input. No matter which I choose, I can't select my CharacterSplinePath BP (which contains a simple Spline Component created from Add Component, and I checked Editable when Inherited). What Input setting does it need to be to use the blueprint?
Probably something stupid that I'm missing, but I can't figure this out.
Thanks in advance!
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