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Question about increasing Whitewater quality

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I'm in the middle of creating Whitewater particles for my waterfall sim and after caching out the particles and converting it into a volume it looks extremely low res considering there is over 300,000 particles and 8 million Voxels.

Not sure what i'm missing but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advanced.  




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Have you tried rendering it? It may just be that your viewport is set up to not show the volume at it's full resolution. You could try putting down a volume visualisation node and setting max vis res to 1024 or 2048.

If that fails, it'll probably be to do with the pscale on your points - If it's too big they'll just stamp in to the volume as big spheres and you'll lose lots of detail. 

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Posted (edited)

What are you going to be rendering with?


Doing a lot of open ocean stuff at the moment and rendering the vdb's with arnold/maya just for interaction foam have had to use upwards of atleast 8 Million particals to get density and detail to read through for small details, your Pscale is also extremely important. 

If you are short on machine power or ram usage i would suggest using the sphere sprite to display Pscale otherwise the stamp or copy to points can be pretty heavy to check this.

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