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Thoughts about this rig?

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Hey guys, I'm traveling to NY in june, mostly to buy new hardware. Did some research and spoke with some friends and this is what I have so far, wanted to give a last check, my main uses are Houdini sims / motion graphics, redshift/octane, zbrush.
Gigabyte x399 Aorus Xtreme
Threadripper 2950x
G Skill TridentZ 3200mhz CL14 (128 gb)
4 x EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 
Does this mother support 4 gpu? a friend told me to be careful about the space with the power supply and stuff.
This threadripper is good? or should I go for another? I want the sims to be quickest as possible
For GPU, should I pick the Ti or the normals? there's a 300usd difference between each.
P.D: I'm thinking about buying via Amazon, but I'd prefer to go with cash, amazon has AmazonCash but with a 500usd limit, so if anybody knows a nice place to buy this type of hardware at good price in NY will be super helpful.
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Depending on the case, it can be a bit of a tight fit between the lowest GPU and the power supply. My concern would be the lack of space between the GPUs themselves. The RTX reference cards are open air cooler designs, so I'm not sure having them back to back would be such a great idea, heat wise. I would personally stick to blower fan designs for a 4-GPU system.

Another thing to think about is the potential use of NVLink bridges down the line (to take advantage of memory pooling). I don't believe that's possible in a standard full-size tower layout, because the NVLink bridges expect a PCI slot worth of distance between the two bridged cards. You can get around that with riser cables and custom cases, and I think on the Redshift forum someone got 4 RTX cards/2 NVLink bridges working.

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Hey @DaJuice thanks for the tips.

I also asked on Houdini group at facebook, and overall, heating will be a pain in the ass, as you said. 

Heard I'd need to watercool the cards, so I can open them and make that (no way, I have 0 hardware) or buy the ones with the imput already, that are more expensive.

I'd probably go with just 2 of 11gb to be safe.

Thank you!

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Haha im building a similar rig right now, i also opened a post here and facebook group.

Advises that people gave me from my post:

1. I've been told the same, take care with 4 gpu rigs, are a bit tricky to cool down.

2. Maybe wait for TR third generation (that maybe can't fit with u, since u are traveling next month)

3. Take care with Ram speed, seems that TR are capped at some point.

And about cooling, i asked to a local bussiness and they told me to put a liquid cooling system for the full computer, but i dont know if will do the thing with 4 gpu, in my case was 4x2070.

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