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Constraints not breaking

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Hi everyone,

Currently i'm running into an issue where my constraints aren't breaking. I spend a while on figuring out why it doesn't work and I still don't have a clue what i'm doing wrong.

My setup at the moment is that I have one curve with 3 constraints
1 hard constraint to keep the wire in place.
1 spring constraint that is pulling the wire down (This is a placeholder for collisions later on. It's just there to apply a force for testing).

1 spring constraint without a strength to measure the angle between the tip and a point somewhere on the curve


The thing is, when i put them all in one constraint network and break them based on the angle, nothing happens and i couldn't figure out why. But when i put the spring constraint that is pulling the curve, into another network the breaking works! Is there anybody who can explain why this is happening? Why wouldn't it break with all the constraints in 1 network? Is it because i pinned one of the points of that constraint to a wold position instead of a point on the simulation geometry? That's the only thing i can think if that is different than the other constraints.





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I think i needed a good night of sleep to know what was going on. It makes sense now!
It was because of the `overwrite with sop` parameter on the constraint network node. For the breaking part it shouldn't overwrite with the sop because I wanted to update them with the sopsolver. But for the pull constraint i wanted to overwrite with sop because that's where the animation was. Makes sense! I never gonna forget that anymore.

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