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Color Management Rules ?

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Hey guys ... we are looking into establishing an ACES pipeline, I was curious if Houdini had any sort of color management rules system similar to Maya.

Here is a screen capture of the Maya implementation that applies rules to image types.

We are going to start by using Arnold's .TX format to apply these rules to each image category.





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Right ... so if I am reading this correctly ... the standard ocio naming conventions drive how Houdini interprets image types ... but currently there is no customization for studio rules. Will keep this thread alive with any information we come across.



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What do you mean by studio rules? You can generate your own ocio.config file with all the rules set exactly as you want. See the examples of spi-vfx or spi-anim configs for more straightforward configs.

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I would be great if Houdini had a nice interface for ACES similar to Maya, but you can still setup your own config.ocio file to control studio-specific file handing.  See the roles section in the config file.

Here is and article from 3D Artist that gives an intro into setting up Houdini for ACES.  Also briefly discusses converting your existing textures into ACES via COPs.  Nice to have in-line solutions in Houdini for ocio transforms, instead of needing to pre-convert textures, but I have yet to implement this myself in my personal setup.

In an Attribute VOP node, the ocio_transform node can be used with the predefined roles from the config.ocio file, or manually set for other non-defined colorspace transforms.



Hope this helps,



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