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How do I get this type of noise on a particle sim?

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Basically I created a particle system that flows on the geometry and converted it to lines using trails + add node based on the id. I want it to look more like spaghetti lines kinda instead of the straight ones but still flowing along properly. How would I approach this?


Thanks a lot.



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14 minutes ago, chrisribar said:

i don't think your image loaded


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You could make a vector 3 noise in vex using the position attribute then use the fit function to put that noise between -1 and 1

Then you can add that noise to the current postition and you should get the desired effect (you can composite in other noises to break it up and make it look snazzy)

That would look bad in motion however so if your model is moving then use a base position attribute as the noise source, you can do this by timeshifting the base model to a desired frame, copying the P attrib from the frozen model to the one in motion and call it baseP or something. Then attribute transfer baseP to your spaghettis points to use as the noise source.

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