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Matrix Transformations

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Hello every one,

I've been studying some linear algebra to better understand this amazing piece of software called Houdini.

I came across some problems and after some RnD I've put together an example scene that I hope can be usefull for every one struggling with matrices and other related concepts.
I feel the need to share this, because most of the tutorials I've seen on this subject end up using quaternions for the transformations, and I've put up a Matrix only approach. Do remember that the "correct" approach in this cases is the quaternion one.

If any one is kind enough to convert this scene into a .hipnc and re-share it, I'd be grateful. At the moment I don't have time to do it myself.



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What your file contains, on those links peoples can find in wrangler Vex and other stuff..... :wub:capish

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