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PACKED RBD Vibrates continuously on the ground

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Dear all,

The plot : -> Am currently simulating a simple shatter with rbdPacked prims + Constraints Glue  + a gorund plane, all into a DOP. (nothing Awesome till here).

The Questions : -> But, strangely, the little rbds continue to vibrate once fallen on the ground. It looks like continuous vibrating tiny giggly wiggly inter-collisions.

Did any body ever had this ? :wacko:

Would it be possible, i've to FORCE STOP them using a desactivating VEX snippet in a DOP/geomety wrangle node ? :ph34r:


If anybody had this one time, let me know, please. You will be welcome and it will be pleasure to discuss that point you. B)


Thank you all a lot,







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Great man,

Nice...i was wondering to set a VEX snippet...and they did..so it is the good solution.

Thank you a lot.


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