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Viscous fluid flow off emerging geometry's top

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I'm trying to make an effect where a logo emerges from a tank with a viscous fluid. I want to have the liquid quickly flow off the logo once it emerged. It has a round surface, similar to the torus I exchanged it for in the hip-file I attached. 

I'm aware of viscous fluid's stickiness and turned on "slip on collision" and also tried the "gas stick on collision" cheat I found in some older thread, as well as using normals to drive the velocity. however some particles always stay on top of the surface and won't flow off. 

What would be a smart way to cheat and clear the surface of the fluid? 

Thanks in advance! J.


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Hey There, So I think there's a couple ways to think about the problem. I think straying away from pure simulation and theory, and going toward helper geometry can help this. Basically have points advecting randomly, or in some way, around the top portion that they're sticking, and transfer velocity (or any attribute you discover can help the effect you want Ex, friction, stickness, viscosity etc). to kick them off, I'll upload a couple tests I did for maybe some ideas if you want to try that route. You could compare during solve, which ever particles aren't moving and only affect non moving ones but Flip is my weakest area so can't remember if you can just import the Geometry in a solver without repercussion.


In your file I just did a shortest path to get procedural vectors for the flow, and pcloud overwrite their vels during solve. Probably as brute force as can be. But hopefully if this is the effect you were looking for, you can expand upon the logic. 


Cheers, I hope this clears anything up or helps in anyway if not quite what you needed.






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Thanks so much for the effort, Max. Looks like a great approach, but I couldn't really get it to work. Ended up using a force field for the top of the logo. But I learned quite a bit by going through your setup. 


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