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Old stone wall destruction

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I have to make a video mapping on a castle facade and obviously there will be at some point a destruction of this facade.
I have already done some tutorials on wall destruction but it is not my specialty.
I will rebuild this facade stone by stone from traces, because there will be also mograph-type animation. I think I will use these same stones to do the destruction part.
But depending on how I proceed the stones may or may not be joined.
And I'm pretty sure that's an important point for the destruction part.

Any advice on this point, or on the best way to achieve this?
traps to avoid?

You can see on the picture detail of the stones masonry

thanks in advance for your time.


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Keep all your stones as separate objects. Prefracture them with the RBD Material Fracture SOP, which gives you glue constraints.

Realistic destruction also includes small particulates and dust. And that dust is disturbed by the wind of the debris around it.

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 Thank you.
I hadn't thought about that one. I will immediately look for tutorial and info on this node since I haven't used it yet

For particles ans dust yes, I even think I will abuse them :)
I just hope to find the time to build a nice complete set-up, since my deadline is pretty short.
Especially that it is on concrete projects that we learn.

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Hey there,

I'm curious about the result of your project Fred.

Mind sharing ? Is it visible somehow ?

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