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Aligning geometry to torus surface

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This is probably super simple so apologies.

Something i've been struggling with is simply copying a box to the points on a torus but to get the orientation to match the flow of the torus itself (ideally would work for any surface too).  So far my best attempt has been trying to set normal and up vectors with the polyframe sop before feeding into the copy to points.

Almost works but i get the geo flipping on the center and one vertical loop of the torus (indicated in red on the image).

Whats generally the best way to get this to work?  It seems like there must be a simple way to do this.




Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 11.39.17 PM.png


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Cross product!  Hadn't looked into that one yet.  Thats perfect, thanks vtrvtr, and good point about mops, forgot about that one too

Thanks for the help

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