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when use houdini engine, alpha attribute problem

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hi guys

I did some render test with houdini and maya redshift renderer.

I made particle in houdini then rendered it in maya using houdini engine and redshift proxy file.



This image is that I tested to compare houdini redshift render and maya redshift render.

A is houdini redshift

B is maya redshift with importing particle by houdini Engine

C is also maya redshift with importing particle by redshift proxy


When I use B, alpha attribute for per particle is different from A and C.

Is there any way to correct the alpha attribute?



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Hi I'm not 100% sure with redshift I use vray in Maya as my char anim stuff is rendered there too.

I export out my particles as alembic (promote to vertex before rop alembic export).  In that export is my Cd and Alpha

I bring in my particle sim from hou using the import proxy tool.

I usually need to use a node to connect the Cd attribute to colour on my vray shader.  I use a userdata node and enter Cd into that and then plug that into my shaders colour value. It's picked up.

The same thing happens for my Alpha plugging a userdata node in and setting that to "Alpha" (capital A)

Those are my main ones for my particles. I can also poop out pscale to control particle radius too


There may be a similar option in redshift I heard it's very similar to vray.. Worth a bit of a twiddle to see what nodes are in there to do the job?

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Thank you for your reply.

There were two options I could use to deliver houdini particle to maya as a redshift user.

One was houdini engine, this is very easy to auto match per-particle attribute and value. So, some attributes like pscale, Cd or ID were well matched except Alpha.

I didn't use any redshift userdata node then, I'll try that node, thanks.

And the other was using redshift proxy. I had to use redshift proxy format not an alembic. and there were no options to control per particle attribute in maya.

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