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FLIP Fluid Attribute Control

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I'm learning FLIP Fluids and I would like to control Density and Viscosity attributes locally. I'm having some trouble learning Advanced Fluids, most tutorials use the fluid source, which is replaced by the Flip Source and its a bit  confusing. Also I can't find a good introduction to the microsolvers, expect for the Houdini Documentation of course.

For my project I like to use the @Cd  as driver for fluid attributes, but I don't know how to use color data in a Dop environment. If people have some nice tricks for controlling Fluid Attributes, please drop a comment.

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Your question is light in details. Not really possible to know what precisely you want do to. Maybe you can clarify what you mean with "driver for fluid attributes".

So here are some examples in the hip below.

One is using microsolvers and an arbitrary volume, the other is using the built-in option of adding viscosity as point attribute.





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