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2 Part Video Beginner Tutorial on FLIP Tank Sim & Rendering

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Hi I made a 2 part video tutorial on FLIP Tank simulation and the other one is about how to render the simulation.  They are both targeted for beginners level.

The first video is titled, "FLIP Tank Basics for Beginners" and demonstrates how to setup a FLIP Tank sim and how to use the Waterline feature.  I explain how to setup the FLIP Tank so you can actually see what's going on inside the container in the 3D viewport when you cook the dopnet before you render.  The Waterline feature will allow you to simulate the fluid so that it passes through the boundaries of the container.  

The 2nd part of video tutorial is on how rendering and how to render out the FLIP tank scene from the first video.  It's titled, "FLIP Simulation Render Setup in Houdini".  This video is also targeted for a beginner level.

I talk about the difference between DOP Import vs DOP I/O.  And the concept of inputting data into the dopnet simulation and how we need to extract data out of the dopnet sim into another context for rendering.

I'm still finding my style in teaching, if you have any comments please feel free to give me some feedback.  And if you have a topic you want to see, feel free to post that in the comments as well.  I might not get to it right away because it takes a lot of time to edit these videos, but it will come eventually.


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