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Hscript importing conundrum

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Hi, my custom script is very simple : start the vexprofile , cook the snippet that holds my vex , stop the vexprofiler and show me the results.

If i copy paste every line into the texport myself the code works. Howerver if I import the .cmd file holding the same three lines it shows me a empty vexprofiler. 

Doesn't importing .cmd files equal to writing them your self? If not is there something else that has this functionality? Why isn't this working?


vexprofile start
opcook -F  /obj/L_System_v2/L-system/attribvop1/snippet1




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Update: I found out that it doesn't work because the lines get executed one after the other and the wrangle never gets the time to finish cooking. The fix to this is either to split it in two scripts (one containing the first two lines and the other containing the third). I wish there was another way but i think there isn't. 


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