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Solver inside loop and caching

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Hi all!

Just a general question here. Having a solver inside a for-loop, looping through objects. I realize I need to turn off caching, or else it doesn't read in every new piece correctly.
This seems to be extremely slow though, so I'm just wondering if there's a way to optimize this?

What I'm doing is having an RBD sim, and having the pieces erode away. So I cached the sim, eroding the fracture elements in a for-loop and transfer the new pieces back to the simulation points. I hope and think this is a decent way to do it, except it'd be nice if I could cache out and iterate on the solver loop faster. Having 150 pieces, it's cooked 35 frames in 25 minutes now, and that's with a low-res VDB conversion, and naturally getting slower for each frame.

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don't use solver inside of the for loops

the best workflow nowadays for that will probably be TOPs, where you can run every objet through your sim independently, and also change only the ones that you need if you need to iterate more

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Thanks, that's a good idea! Didn't think of that, and it gives me a kick in the butt to actually dive into TOPs.

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