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FLIP Divergence

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divergence field is automatically created from your particle attribute (you can turn on it's visualization on FLIP Object)

however by default Divergence Scale on the FLIP Solver is not animatable, so in your case you are creating divergence all the time causing fluid to expand, so you either:

- unlock, dive inside and in update_divergence_field change dropdown next to Post-Mult to Set Always

- or animate your divergence attribute instead (in DOPs)

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That is a nice tip, unlocking the solver and changing the drop down to Set Always.

Most of the time when I work with FLIP I also change the Grid Scale to 1.0 on the FLIP Object and then head over to the Reseeding tab of the FLIP Solver. I typically add one more particle per voxel to the Particle Per Voxel expression.

ceil(pow(ch("../flipfluidobject/gridscale"), 3))+1

Then I increase the surface over sampling to somewhere like 6-18. this gif shows an over sampling of 9. Over sampling helps smooth things out, so you can use a higher particle separation, in some cases.




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