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accessing crowd's point attributes to add custom forces/velocity

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Hi guys,

Is there any way to access point attributes in crowd setup to tweak the ragdoll behaviour?

popforce seems to break the whole thing and each agent is processed as a single point but somehow still able to run bullet sim in ragdoll state but with limited capability.


Thank you



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s@name = "piece_" + itoa(@ptnum);
//Randomize Velocity
float x,y,z,minX,minY,minZ,maxX,maxY,maxZ,sx,sy,sz,sminX,sminY,sminZ,smaxX,smaxY,smaxZ;
//source min max velocity
vector min=chv("minVelRandom");
vector max=chv("maxVelRandom");
//randomize min max velocity
x = fit01(rand(@ptnum),min.x,max.x);
y = fit01(rand(@ptnum*222),min.y,max.y);
z = fit01(rand(@ptnum*333),min.z,max.z);
//assign the same to force which doesnt work
//assign the random velocity to each bone which worked for me
i@myBones= agenttransformcount(0, @ptnum);
for(int i;i<=@myBones;i++)
//Initial Spin Random
vector smin=chv("minSpinRandom");
vector smax=chv("maxSpinRandom");
sx = fit01(rand(@ptnum*1000),smin.x,smax.x);
sy = fit01(rand(@ptnum*1222),smin.y,smax.y);
sz = fit01(rand(@ptnum*1333),smin.z,smax.z);
//assign Spin Random in Torque

//Oscilation Setup
//In the below vex code the only value I have used in the simulation is the v@oscillation's Y component but the code also creates an array which is currently not being used

/*vector oMin         =   chv("oscillationMin");
vector oMax         =   chv("oscillationMax");
vector oRandom      =   fit01(random(@ptnum),oMin,oMax);
v@oscillation       =   oRandom;
v@zeroOscillation   =   set(0.0,0.0,0.0);

i@myBones= agenttransformcount(0, @ptnum);
for(int i;i<=@myBones;i++)
//Create v_agent array and a vector array for oscillation of certain selected bone numbers

The above code will create some custom velocity for the agents in sop level and then later you can use the v[]@v_agent in a sop solver to copy to the particular agents you need to apply it to. So basically what we are are doing here is defining random velocity and torque to a certain number of bones in the crowd agents. You should feel free to bypass the codes that you do not need. I have already bypassed the oscillation bit of the code for you.


Manishkumar Makhija

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