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VRay_Volume_Grid(3dsMax) + VDB Velocity Missing

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Export pyro sim with vdb, input vdb into VRay_VolumeGrid on 3dsMax, 
3rd party chennel mapping smome=dencity, temperture=temperture, each velocity = vel,
the grid show velocity wit purple marker.
but the vray rendering image is empty VRay_Velocity Elements(strength Zero).

VRay_Volume_Grid is sat "Volumetric_Geometry" mode.(need geometric vray render elments)

whats wrong my setting?

Vray 3.6.04 (3dsMax2017)
Houdini 17.5


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the problem with VRay version 3.6.04,

ver.3.6.03 shows vray_velocity_element with no problems.

Motion_blur(3d blur)  has same problmes.


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