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[newbie] make heightfield mask from id map (texture)

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Hey there, first poster speaking :)

So i have a id map of a landscape (an example is in the attachments) and i wanna get terrain masks defined by each color (green for grass, blue for water and so on). so i somehow need to transfer the textures's Cds to the heightfield to sample them, but i cant figure out how... :S

in the end i would like to just define a color and the wrangle spits out a mask. sounds really basic but i have no experience using volumes.

did research way too long for this, for something which surley could be done in minutes :S

would really appreciate any help!


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Not sure how you're generating this, but I have used a similar system with photoshop. If you keep each layer separate and bring the PSD into a copnet, you can draw out each one individually.

Here's a GDC video that goes over this pretty in depth:


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