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Simple jitter/sway animation on instances

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I am currently instancing a few hundred bushes from speedtree. 
I am wondering, what would be a "simple" way to animate the instances in a small manor? Lets stay I just want the bushes to sway back and forth with some kind of noise added. 

Anyone have any ideas? 

The animation would be per instance so I dont want to deform the instance. I only want to move the whole object in a "logical" manner.

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To get a unique animation per instance from sops, you'll have to unpack the geometry. If you don't want to do this, you'll have to use a custom vertex shader, which is definitely not simple. Either way, the way I'd do this would be to generate some sort of stiffness attribute on the geometry, and then use that as a multiplier for some flow noise in vops.

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