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I would like to align C_Plane to tree selected point...

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Hello guys;

How could I  align C_Plane (construction plane) to 3 selected points on a geometry (average of their normals).


I tried these steps without success:

1) I clicked on C_PLane button.
2) Then I selected tree points on my geometry
3) I hitted the enter.



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If you can build a grid SOP that contains the three points, then you can use that geo with primitive snapping (second magnet, in the left toolbar using the default layout)

Here is a way to build such a grid:

create a new geo, import (object merge) the geo containing the three points

in blast / , use delete non selected to keep the three points only. Use Add SOP, Polygons / By group / Closed [x] to make one triangle

Create a 2 rows by 2 cols grid, then Align SOP that grid with the triangle. This will be your construction "plane" (more like a construction geometry)

(Optional) Subdivide that grid to make it more practical

The grid is ready to be used for primitive snapping. The good thing is that it is done in SOP. You are limited only by what you're able to do at SOP or even object level.


Also, primitive snapping can use the template geometry to do the snapping. So if you branch out of your geo where you have your 3 points, you can do your stuff there in the same SOP context, and flag the geometry (your grid or something else) as template, and it will be used as construction plane. 

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