Hi People! this has a lot of potentials I think
sources ---- https://github.com/JosephFiola/BookofShadersHoudiniVex https://thebookofshaders.com Joseph "While Houdini does support GLSL code to render shaders into the viewport, I have not implemented this yet. For now these examples are only visible in the render view using the Ray Tracing render engine." We have examples for 2 and 5 chapters .....if you plug inline-code in CD  on Point Vop, you can see everything..and its easy to manipulate..   I am interested to know some process ( Just what to change ) and appreciate help with this. converting  rest of some chapters  like patterns   for example  to inline code https://thebookofshaders.com/09/ https://thebookofshaders.com/08/     Thanx