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Ocean not the same of the sim

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Hi guy!, 

I’m having a problem with my ocean simulation actually.

Basically, in my initial wavetank_initial, I connected an ocean spectrum that is exactly the same as my ocean that I wanted to create around my simulation.


However, even if they are identical in the parameters, the wave shape is clearly not the same. The height is too high and even by decreasing the grid size, the shape of the waves is not at all the same.

My ocean around my sim is 1000 x 1000…


I think the problem has to come from my grid size… but I’m not sure yet again…


Also, when I switch from the initial Node wave tank to wavetank_sim… the simulation is again not the same. But, the waves are identical to the first frames and begin to change by the time... 

I Share you my scene!


Thank you so much!!





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I believe it is because the way that works is it inherits velocity from the ocean spectrum, therefore the waves will never be one to one. You can try adding a single wave into a flat tank, and you will see the same thing. There will always be a difference between the visualization of the wave on the grid, and how high the actual wave gets. If someone else knows a better way to work around this, Id like to hear as well

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