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Vellum "instance on points" and pscale

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Hello guys

So I have this little bump in the road : I'm emitting vellum instances from a surface. Orient, pos, and various attributes like v work OK, but I can't find the correct way to inject pscale. What happens is that the instanced geometry first appear (p)scaled like expected, but it expands back to the original size after a few frames.

My guess is that either restlength or restscale aren't affected by pscale hence the expanding back behaviour, so the question is : how should I proceed ? Can I somehow edit restlength on creation but before solve ? Should I do something else entirely ?


Thanks !


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Hey Olivier,

you can create custom id attribute per every instance point, transfer it to the geometry and then use it to pull the pscale data directly per-point/per-constraint using geometry wrangle, to update the thichkness/restlength. 

Maybe there is a more elegant solution, but it is easy to just bruteforce it like that (:


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