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Houdini - Redshift - Deadline

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Hey guys!

I'm trying to setup deadline for a couple of machines for rendering in houdini with redshift.

Deadline setup is ok. Caching and mantra rendering jobs finished successfully. When it comes to redshift job,  deadline also receives it and distributes. But the rendering process happens very fast and there are no render output files in the output directory. Also while deadline saying that the job is rendering the video card doesn't seems involved.

Did anyone have a chance to encounter such kind of problem. 

Any help appreciated.

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Hello I got the same issue around here. It seems that as soon as the computer has nobody logged in or is in mode sleep : the Graphic card seems of so Redshift does not see it.

Is there a specific way to set-up deadline for Redshift ( for Houdini and Maya) ? 

However, it works for Houdini Mantra and Deadline ( CPU usage).

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Hi JpFly !

Did a lot research on that topic with no success. In my case I think that was of Redshift version that I used that time.  

If any of you guys could solve that problem, that will make us all happy)


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Hi all, if you're still having issues... I have managed to get Redshift working in Deadline via .rs proxy... still no luck directly submitting yet but I will update if there is a solution


-Redshift_ROP1 - archive tab - check on export .rs proxy file

--make sure you also have Enable Image File Output checked on and rendering to a network drive that all your networked computers can find for example X:/_renders - X being a network mapped drive that is the same letter on all machines.

---if you don't have a NAS or some other network storage, pick a drive on your master machine and create a folder for this - map that folder as X:/  --- for example \\PC1\C:\DL\renders\ (this becomes X:\renders)

---then map that same location on other pcs with the same drive letter

-Render to disk your .rs sequence

-in Deadline Monitor - Submit/3D/Redshift

--Job options tab - set a job name

--Redshift Options tab - locate your redshift file, just click the first one and it should load automatically your frame range (you'll see in frame list)

--Submit and that should work - renders will show up in the networked output you determined in Redshift_ROP1


***important to keep in mind*** Your whole project needs to be on this networked drive (X:/) otherwise the other computer's deadline workers can't get the project files, textures, geo, etc...


Still having trouble? - make sure in deadline monitor - tools/super user mode is on, which will enable you to access again tools/configure plugins -- check that you have the right version of houdini and redshift paths!


Good luck!




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Hi, Bjorn! 

Thank you. We have to try this one.

Sounds like a good solution till we have a deadline and redshift working properly and rendering directly.

P.s. Thanks for instructions




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Hi there, i was reading this post, and found it weird, as i never had problems with rendering to deadline with redshift. I'm using H18.0.499 and RS3.022 if it can help.

When submitting the job, are you sure to select the correct ROP?


Edit: and i am using the standard "submit to deadline" way, no special tricks with RS proxies.


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