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Create group of edges by angle for creasing?

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I apologize if the answer to this is somewhere obvious--through Googling I've found some of people asking this over the last 15 years, but no answers that work.

I have a model that I need to crease before subdividing. Manually selecting the edges is impractical--too many round buttons with flat tops. How can I automatically select/group just the edges joining faces with right-ish angles? I've tried the "include by edges" and setting min and max edge angles, but that doesn't appear to do anything unless you chose "Edge Angle Uses Angle Between Edges," in which case it selects pretty much everything.


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Thanks! Turns out the problem was that the object I was working with was imported as an .abc, and I just had to run it through a convert node--then the edge angles options in a group node did the trick. That procedural shading is something I'm going to dive into, though!

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