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SVG export with color? (or maybe groups?)

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I came across this video of Entagma lately for vector export and I am trying this out now.

I just want one frame like in the Entagma video at this moment, but I would also like to have fill and stroke color be read from some attributes, but I don't know any python and this forum post doesn't get me further right now (that otl doesn't work), so I was hoping someone could show me how you could do this. :) Otherwise: something like grouping paths together for selection in Illustrator work? That way I can at least color them more easily in Illustrator. 


Thanks! Appreciate the help.

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Read the color from the polyline/polygon using p.attribValue(‘Cd’), convert it to hex format and use it instead of black in write_path().



and learn this

and I wonder at the end why you need Illustrator :wub:

Have a nice day

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