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Pointers and struct children in vex

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Hi there, I am trying to define the shape of lightning using vex in a wrangle sop

A lightning path has forks that split from any given path, creating other paths with almost identical properties to the main path. To that end I created a path struct but I can't figure out how to get it to store its 'forks'. The same issue would arise if I instead stored the parents instead of the children.

I am defining a path of lightning as so:

struct lPath
    lPoint source;
    lPoint sink;
    float energy;
    lPath forks[];
    void setSource(lPoint newSource)
    void setSink(lPoint newSink)
    void setEnergy(float newEnergy)
    void create()

my issue is that I can't include a reference to itself due to infinite recursion, which is why in c++ I would use a reference

lPath * forks[];

Is there any way to solve this using vex?

Kind Regards


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