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Intersection stitch with vex

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Hello and greetings!
I have a large amount of curves(branches part of a tree).
I then use a polywire to create the thickness of the tree based on some attributes.

I am currently using the intersection stitch sop and then a fuse sop to combine my curves into one by fusing the intersecting points. I then put down a resample sop and get a nice even looking geometry.
However this process takes about 2 seconds, which isn't too much but I assume I can get this done faster by using vex, but alas I am not very good at vexing. 

My question is; how would I merge intersecting curves with vex? 

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not everything is faster nor easier with VEX, I'd stick with intersection stitch

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coincidence ?! lol .

i too was dealing _exactly_ with this today ; building trees ( not with Polywire SOP ) and what makes my situation really desperate is the fact that i'am doing it in Hou14/15 (Hahaha!) . so , i am using the old Cookie SOP not the modern Boolean SOP . so .. i was starting to think the VEX might help me .

i have one or two theoretical solutions in my head but a few hints would be really useful . so thank you in advance for any help !

.. and when i say 'hints' i mean a list of vex-function names which deal mostly with projections , intersections, etc.. just more focus .

vex reference in docs is huge fortunately but their names arent `so direct` ( esp. if Math wasnt interested in me =) in high school )



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