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Need help meshing points created with VEX

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Hi guys. I recently wacthed Fifty50 tutorial making a infection effect and now I'm trying to mesh the points but I couldn't achieve a better quality result. Btw I'm pretty new to houdini :{

My currently setup after points is  Volume Rasterize Attributes> Vdb Smooth> ConvertVdb to polygons.

Are there a better way to mesh those points?

hip file attached, thank you in advance guys.



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What kind of end-result do you want to use the mesh for? Do you want the original geometry's topology? Like this?


If so you could boolean the mesh away: RnD_Infection.v01.hiplc

That's the old mesh on top of the new mesh. If you get rid of the white section you still have 'nasty' topology wherever the geometry isn't defined (the inside of the column). Not sure what kind of topology you're looking for. If it's quads and perfect edge-loops I have bad news for you :D.

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Hey Dweeble thanks for your answer mate and sorry for my delay

I wanted to achieve a detailed mesh with the growth effect I made. I think your setup with boolean is great and if a export from the Peak node will probably fix my problems :)

I will export is as alembic to Cinema 4D. There I will have a original mesh on bottom and this new one with the growth effect on top of it. I would love to make the whole scene inside Houdini but I can't use Mantra because of render times :(

As you mentioned, I don't need a perfect mesh with edge-loops hahaha. That would be a big problem lol

Thank you for your help. It's going to help me a lot man :D


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