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How to keep the fire burning

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I wanted to create a scene where a object like comet collides with a building, but i don't exactly know how to give effects to the comet.

Meaning i want comet to continously emit flames and smoke even though it is traveling(animated) and even afterits collision i want it to emit flames just like any real comet.

Can anyone help me out in doing this?

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There are several solutions :

- make a first simulation using some particles with a short lifetime (to avoid having too much of them) emitted by the comet and use them as a fuel source in another simulation using pyro.

- if you already have another source but that the fuel is burnt too fast.... then lower the burn rate in the Combustion tab of the pyro sim. The combustion will last longer, but you’ll have to tweak other parameters to control the look of your flames. A nice fire is a balance between many components that affect the combustion ;-)


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